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Includes full installation and personal support*.

Use and upgrade forever.

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Download KYM and upload it to your server.

30 days free trial.


*Personal support includes:
- Assistance in finding a host and domain name (if needed).
- Concertation about the optimal site structure and navigation for your project.
- Help with transfering your assets to your site in progress.
- Help with creating your site styles.
- General support about KYM's utilisation and capabilities.


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Download KYM - 30 days free trial:

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2. Installation:
Once you have downloaded the package, if it was not automatically unzipped, unzip it. Then upload the contents of the KYM-download folder to your host. Make sure you do not upload the folder itself, but just its contents, or else your site home page will end up at http://your-site.com/KYM-dowload/ instead of just http://your-site.com.

Once the folder content is uploaded, browse to your site. If all goes well, you'll see your home page. To access your admin, browse to: http://your-site.com/admin/ and log in with your email and the password that was sent to you with your download link.

Your free trial will expire 30 days after installation.
You will receive an invoice before that.

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