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An article can combine rich text and images. 

The above headers use a different font than this regular text. The text can of course contain links to other sites or to other pages of your site. And see how YOU can format your text!...
Images can be floated to the right or left of the text. All images can be clicked to zoom-in. When zoomed in, the original image is displayed, which means that if you upload very large images, people will be able to see your artwork or photos at very high resolution! Try it, click on the image below... 

You can apply specific styles to an Article.

Here a background colour and a text colour have been applied to this entire article. This does not prevent you from giving specific colours to parts of your text:

Hello world!

how are you?

This is a gallery of photos I took in Brooklyn, New York. Click the center of the images to see them full size.

You can insert media from all sites that allow it: vimeo, youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud, twitter, facebook, etc...