Kill Your Master a website builder for artists

Kill Your Master is a no-brainer, no-clutter website builder.

KYM is a website builder tailored for artists, photographers or more generally creatives who want to show their work on a personal website, with no gimmicks and no learning curve. KYM is very easy to use and produces minimalistic site designs that let your artwork speak for itself.
Sites made with KYM are bilingual, optimised for high-resolution images, and look great on all screen sizes including smartphones. 

This site is made with KYM. Below is an image gallery, which KYM lets you create on the fly. The gallery shows screenshots of the admin interface, where you can create and manage your site content and styles.

Manage your site content from this bird's eye view of your site structure.
Add sections, content, and re-order them at will.

Features list:

  • Bilingual.
    You choose your two languages. All the text content can be written in both languages. The translation is facilitated (but not constrained) by an integration with Google translate.
  • High-resolution images.
    When you upload an image, copies are made at various sizes to optimize page load. But the original full-size image is stored unaltered and will be displayed when clicked to zoom-in. So your artwork or photos can be viewed at very high resolution. Click the image on the right to see it in action.
  • Optimised for all screens.
    The site adapts to tablets and smartphones.
  • Build your site structure visually
    organise your sections, sub-sections and their content at a bird's-eye view.
  • Create image galleries.
  • Set your background image or slide-show for the home page.
  • Insert media from other sites
    (youtube, vimeo, bandcamp, soundcloud, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.)
  • Upload all kinds of files and media:
    images, audio, video, text, html, pdf, etc.
  • Rich text editor, and large choice of high quality fonts.
    Because typography is always important!
  • Intuitive site styles customisation.
    When playing with your site styles you can see your changes in real time.
  • Save different site-wide style settings
    Like personal templates; switch between them in one click.


  • If you need something special that cannot be achieved out of the box, send me a message at
  • The system may be improved when additional options appear necessary or very useful - in which case you'll have the choice to upgrade at no extra cost and indefinitely.